Lock Down At Williamstown High School

Williamstown High School went into lock down yesterday and together with the Monroe Township Police conducted an Anti Drug Operation at the school. No arrests were made, No guns were found.

“This was a planned and approved operation”, Chief John McKeown said of the police activity at the school. Approved by the Prosecutors office as well as the Board Of Education. 5 to 10 K9 teams spent the 2 hour lock down walking school grounds as well as the parking areas. Nothing of significance was found.

The procedure for all of this is quite simple. Students go on lock down, whereas they do not leave their classrooms, do not leave the school grounds. It’s pretty much the same procedure taken in an active shooter drill. K9 Units then walk the halls smelling everything, lockers, cars, bathrooms. Everywhere they can. If they get a hit, they inform the school officials where. It is then the schools responsibility to search that location. If something is found, it then becomes the schools decision how to proceed.

The Williamstown High School released this memo yesterday:

Dear WHS Families,
    Today WHS went into a lock down. As you know, we are bound by law to conduct an emergency drill, along with a fire drill, monthly. Today’s drill, however had an additional purpose, to help send a strong message that we want our students safe and NOT using drugs. In
keeping with the Opiate Initiative that began last year, and in consult with MTPD, we decided to bring in drug-sniffing dogs to help eradicate drugs from the building.
    You may, or may not, be aware of the influx of drugs in the community; simply stated-young people are dying, and we want to do our part to prevent any more unnecessary deaths. A trend seen in schools now is the presence of a new form of marijuana, “edibles.” These look like
candy, but are laced with concentrated THC, and for that reason are resulting in an intense “high.” These “edibles” and other forms of drugs are dangerous and have no place at WHS!
   The WHS administration, along with the Monroe Township Police Department, are committed to the health and safety of all of our students. We thank you for your anticipated and on-going support.
Yours In Education,
Dr. DelConte and the WHS Administration


“We are going to keep our schools safe”, said, Charles Earling, Superintendent of Schools. “This is a national crisis”.

Information on the Opiate Initiative can be found here https://www.njsba.org/news-publications/school-leader/september-october-2016-volume-47-2/policy-update-schools-epidemic-opiate-abuse/