Newfield National Bank Robbed? – Local Schools ‘Shelter In Place’

There was an incident at The Newfield National Bank today that forced them to close it’s doors and put Williamstown Middle School as well as Williamstown High School on Shelter In Place. It is not clear yet if other schools in the area were involved.

At approximately 12:20 PM the ‘Shelter In Place’ was lifted. It is not yet known if a robbery suspect is in custody or still on the loose.

A call to the Bank at 1:21 PM located at 320 S Main St, Williamstown, NJ, resulted in Bank Manager “Brandon” hanging up the phone after he reveled the bank was now open to customers. He refused to answer when or why the Bank was closed and if any employees or customers were injured during the incident. The officer at the Bank refused comment and suggested we go to the Police Station for more info.

Upon arriving at the Police Station in Williamstown, our team was told, they didn’t have much info for us. That a statement was being prepared and that they had 24 hours to provide it. The front office staff said the only reason they knew about it was because the Williamstown School District had called to ask if they should go on Lock-down.

Upon calling the School District, we were told to contact The Police Department.

The Fact is we really could not get any information. It is likely that the Bank was robbed, but are we safe? Are our children safe? Is a suspect in custody? Do we have a bank robber in our town who is dangerous and on the loose? Does The school district usually call the Police to ask if they should be on Lock-down? Should the local Police be the ones calling them?

We will patiently wait for the Police Department to release it’s statement. Hopefully sooner than 24 hours.


Update March 2, 2017 4:51 PM

We have just spoken with Charles Earling, Superintendent of Schools for The 6 schools in the Williamstown area. Williamstown in fact went into a ‘Shelter In Place’ today as there was an incident at Newfield National Bank. The order was issued by School Resource Officer Joe Clidy.

All six schools were affected. The order came at 11:50 AM and was lifted at 12:20 PM when they received an All Clear from the Monroe Township Police Department.

“A Shelter in Place is different from a Lock-down, a Lock-down is ordered when a dangerous element is on the premises”  Charles Earling said. “I was actually in the middle school when the order came down. There was no panic from school officials or students. It all went perfectly and smooth. This is why we drill these”.


Newfield National Bank was closed while taking these pictures.