YouTube Channels Terminated: What Is The Real Story

YouTube has seen a huge rise in channel terminations recently, but this is nothing new. “The Vietnamese are taking us over.”

This news is directly from our source in YouTube. Here is the story.


For many years YouTube creators have been Vlogging and creating content on YouTube trying to grow channels and make a bit of extra cash. Recently however they are falling victim to a rise of Content Thieves from Vietnam. “It really is quite simple” Says our YouTube Source, “Vietnamese Thieves are basically downloading all of the videos from certain channels on YouTube, They then use a program/tool to mass report that channel to YouTube as Spam. That channel then gets terminated, and then they proceed to recreate that channel with the stolen videos as if nothing happened. They are making a killing.”

A killing being in Google Adsense revenue from these stolen videos. Once the original channel is taken down, they then are free to claim they created the content to begin with. The content creator who lost his channel, and revenue is then directed to appeal the closure of the account usually only to be sent an automatic computer response that they were in violation of their Spam policy.

We looked into this a bit and was surprised at what we discovered. Facebook alone has multiple Vietnamese Youtube groups all dedicated to selling adsense accounts, YouTube channels, and even asking for help in the group to flag channels. Here is the Number 1 we found. Click Here. 

Here is a link to their tool Click Here

The Vietnamese are creating thousands of YouTube Channels a day. All with Stolen content. They encourage each other to keep stealing and making channels to bring the Google money into their country. Click Here for their forum 

Company’s like this are not new, They have existed in Vietnam for years. Only since October of 2015 did they create the “take down tool”. At first it was only one group that had the tool. Eventually it got out to the others creating a firestorm of YouTube takedowns that has YouTube scratching their heads as to what to do.  “YouTube will never admit this is the problem as they then would be liable for all the lost revenue from creators. We are searching for a solution though” The Source tells us.

For Content Creators all over the world, YouTube’s solution, couldn’t come fast enough. Our solution is simple. Google, Please turn off adsense for Vietnam until you can fix this problem.